Tuesday, March 31


happy for this moment

Celebrate the diversity in everyday people, and you can create extraordinary dreams. It is the many colors of our world that blend together in an eclectic combination that made our world what it is today.


How to Be Happy
1. Relax
2. Smile
3. Take the good with the bad
4. Be thankful
5. Be yourself
6. Pursue goals that make you happy
7. Focus on your objective
8. Develop healthy relationships
9. Diversify
10. Make someone else happy, Give
11. Dance
12. Sing
13. Laugh
14. Forgive & forget

(Create image by Columbia College Chicago)

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Thursday, March 26

Artist Profile ::: GABRIEL MEJIA

Its a lot easier to be mean to people when you're in your car
by Gabriel Majia
2008 oil on canvas

I never realize how much fun I have until I look at the pictures
by Gabriel Mejia
30x40" oil on canvas 2007

Gabriel Mejia is a Chicago artist interested in "documenting specific moments in time captured through drawings and paintings of individuals with whom I share a great deal of emotional baggage." His oil paintings and drawings are magnificent, with vivid detail and vibrant colors.

For more about this artist, visit his website at GabrielMejia.com

Tuesday, March 24

For Artists, Writers, and Poets

I just discovered a great new site that launched yesterday for artists, poets and writers. Vision2Words has interesting artwork, thoughtful poetry and more.