Friday, February 12


16x20" acrylic on canvas, 2001
by Martha A. Wade
Canvas Print ::: $60
contact the artist at to purchase a print

ABOUT THE ARTWORK ::: This painting is based on a photograph I took of my son trying to read on the couch when he was only one year old. I thought it was the cutest thing, ever. He was always a smart little boy, putting himself to sleep at a young age, and rarely crying as a baby. I loved the way he looked at the book, as if he could really read the page, his little lips moving as he scanned the pictures. I was so moved by this image that I wanted to create a painting from it. It has become a favorite painting of mine.

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  1. I painted this on canvas in 2001 when my son was only 1 year old. He was sitting on the couch 'reading' a book upside down and my heart melted. I knew then that he would be really smart ... too smart for his own good.


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