Monday, April 6

World Art - Africa is a great site for authentic traditional, modern and contemporary African Art. The gallery carries hand-crafted Authentic African Art, African Masks, African Paintings, African Musical Instruments, African crafts, Tribal art and much more.

All items featured on are hand made. was created to share the magnificent art and crafts of Africa for joy, and for the benefit of artists and craftsmen and their families in Africa. They source artwork directly from Africa from countries like Cote d’ivoire, Cameroon, central African republic, Ghana, Kenya, Tanzania and South Africa. According to the site, each purchase made from the store is making a difference in the lives of our artisans and craftsmen, and is helping them sustain themselves economically.

(by Daniel Akortia)

("Baule Door" One of a Kind, 36.5"x24.0", From Ivory Coast)

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