Monday, April 13

April Artist of the Month - Ashieka Daniels

This week's featured artist is Ashieka Daniels, a young photographer who specializes in capturing candid shots. She is the creative juice and founder of ASHIEKA E PHOTOGRAPHY. This self taught photographer with an eye for detail uses free flowing techniques to ensure the most natural portraits. Ashieka enjoys the effect and beauty of working with natural light, and conducts most of her photo sessions outdoors. During a session with Ashieka E Photography you can expect fun, laughter, silliness and a bit of quiet time. Her work includes: Expecting Moms, Infants, Children, Teens, High School Seniors, Couples, Individuals, Families, and Preschools.

Visit the artist's website and blog to see more of her beautiful work. You can also schedule an appointment on her online calender, and get information about her latest photo shoots.


This is our favorite photograph so far from Ashieka E Photography. The contrast and minimal light give the photograph a mysterious, yet fiery feel that leads you to wonder 'What is this woman is thinking?' The two-toned color style and layout prove that Ashieka Daniels is able to look beyond the obvious, to create photographs that are intriguing works of ART.

Contacting the Artist:
Ashieka E Photography: Website
Ashieka E Photography: Children's Site
Ashieka E Photography: Blog

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