Monday, June 15

Something Better

"Don't give the people what they want - give 'em something better."
~ Samuel Lionel 'Roxy' Rothafel ~
(1882-1936, showman of the 1920s silent film era)

What do YOU have to give to the world?

~ Is it your music?
~ Artwork?
~ Designs or drawings?
~ Love and trust to your family and kids?
~ What are you good at?

Leave a comment
and tell us about the life changing moments that you have experienced that have made you STRONGER, WISER, and BETTER. Include a link to your website if you want so we can check you out!

If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more... Then you have become a leader. GIVE SOMETHING BETTER TODAY.


  1. While the details of the event are too personal to post here, I can say that the most defining moment of my life was the day I realized I was willing to put my life on the line for the sake of others, to risk death in order to protect other people, and to live a 'right' life.
    The realisation came in the moment that I actually did it - I didn't think about it, I didn't analyze it first, I simply acted. From that moment on, I knew for myself that there were indeed things in life worth putting yourself on the line for, and while you think of them as ideals at first, the reality is so much more.

    zeddess arts

  2. when i moved from cali to orlando, it made me more aware and made me a stronger person. i had to grow up and realize that i need to become a stronger person.

  3. I remember walking across the state with my superman baby boy in 2000 as I graduated from the University of Michigan Business School. It was a proud moment for me. Getting pregnant my senior year in college was one of the biggest challenges of my life. I had to step it up during the first part of class, because I knew I'd have to miss some once he was born. My friends also really helped me allot during that time with babysitting so I could attend class or just walk to the store. Turns out I got the best grades of my entire college career during the time I was pregnant! (guess less partying really does help)

    i couldn't post a comment to the blog . . . needed to download something . . . working on an old computer. . . so I have to wait until I am home, but here is what i wanted to say . . .

    it is so funny because I JUST finished writing something on a similar subject. . . about "giving something better." I want to GIVE something better but sometimes... Read More I feel crushed by the weight . . . this self-imposed weight. I am still trying to find the balance and the direction! It is not an easy task to "give 'em better."


Keep it positive people!