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According to the Notting Hill Independent, A Gallery is "the Number One Predictor of Future Art Stars in Britain."

For over 11 years, A Gallery has been showing new works by rising stars in contemporary art.

The purpose of A Gallery is to help collectors find an original and special artwork for their home, work or investment.

Fran Recacha

At Custom Canvas Art, our favorite artist from A Gallery is Fran Recacha, an oil painter and truly gifted talent.

The Barcelona-based artist creates gracefully molded figures engaged in dream-like scenes and interpretations to poetic depths.

The drama he designs in his complex compositions is elegantly undercut by his cool palette and detailed cityscapes.

(Sapiens XXI Century, Oil on canvas, 195 x 300cm, £11,700)

The Painter's Dream

The Lost Dream

(Icarus, Oil on canvas 2007, 130x195cm)

About himselfFran says "My work has as principal protagonist to the human figure, as element to express ideas, feelings or visual games, by means of a figurative style near to the magic realism and the symbolism."

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