Monday, May 18

Drawings of My Sweet Angels

Baby Kris
Baby Kris Jr. ~ the best son a mother could have.

He was always a good boy, going to bed on his own by age 2 with a quick "I'm tired" and crawl into the toddler bed. (Awwww)

Today, he walks his sister to school and does his chores everyday to make my life a little bit better.

I had him senior year in Undergrad at the University of Michigan. I was proud to walk across the stage with him in my arms. =)

Princess JJ
Jayden Simone, age 6 going on 16 ~ smart sassy beautiful little 6 year old mama, trying to do everything and know everything her brother does.

She has my eyes, and my sisters love of fashion and hair!

Jayden is shy and loud at the same time and utterly herself and into her full grown personality already. LOVE IT.

Enjoy your kids today, hug them and love them just as they are.

Before they grew up to become LITTLE MONSTERS!


  1. Gorgeous! You've captured their spirit and innocence beautifully... and you're a great mom!

  2. hi, did you draw those monsters?
    do you mind if i use them in some of my works?


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