Tuesday, May 19

Meet the Artist ~ Nshira

I recently met this talented painter named Daniel Akortia via email after he visited our website and Blog. His introduction was so sincere that I had to smile. Daniel is a new artist from Ghana, Africa who wants to make it big in the art market. He has a passion for painting and would like to market his art to buyers and art lovers. Daniel just needs a little help from us.

Daniel emailed me asking for help in promoting his work in the United States. Our mission is to inspire others, and also to get the word out about the many talented artists creating art around the world! So of course I was excited and willing to helping another artist succeed. Daniel is looking to sell about 10 of his original oil paintings. Below is a sample of his work.

Mr. Akortia is currently working on a new painting of Obama about the President and his moto YES WE CAN. Custom Canvas Art will assist Daniel to produce a production of prints for sale of the Obama painting around the world.

ABOUT THE ARTIST / Daniel Akortia
Daniel Akortia signs his paintings as Nshira, which means blessing. He is a native Ghanaian and was born in 1979. After finishing secondary schooling in 1998, he attended Art College for three years, pursuing drawing, painting, textile design and graphic design. In his own words “I live in a world of my own, and therefore refuse to be drawn from real life. I concentrate on drawing my personal visions.”

Daniel goes on to state “My aim is to depict the history and culture of Africa as it really is, in the true colors of nature. After completing college, I have spent all my time painting. I mainly use bright colors and my paintings are often like decorative patterns of abstract expression”.

Many of his paintings can be found in private homes and collections, art galleries in Ghana, and he also exhibits his work at national and international art fairs.

Give Daniel some feedback here with your comments. We are currently pricing Daniel's work for sale. Most of his paintings are a large 30" x 40" on canvas. Check back for information from www.customcanvasart.com on how to buy work from this artist.

Email Daniel akortiartgh@yahoo.com


  1. Gorgeous! Can't wait to see the Obama piece!

  2. The first work is lively and exciting!

  3. I also love the clouds and sand textures on the mansion on the beach painting. At least it looks like a mansion.


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