Sunday, June 14

TYE JOHNSON: Artist of the Month

C.C.ART JUNE ARTIST OF THE MONTH! Tye Johnson is teacher, and an inspiration to young girls around the world. With her I AM A PRETTY GIRL organization, she inspires and encourages youth to value themselves. I have been good friends with Tye for over 10 years. I am always impressed with her style and grace. Not to mention that she is one of THE FUNNIEST, most DOWN women you will ever meet! I remember when we were in AP English class together in high school 1993. Tye looked at one of my drawings and asked me "How do you shade like that?" I quickly taught her how to shade an object so it appears multi-dimensional; she was a natural.

By the end of that year we were both entering the school Art Contest. Tye's portfolio was so diverse and vast that SHE BEAT ME! I am so honored to have witnessed Tye grow into such a talented, eclectic mixed media artist. I recently extended an offer for her to join our team as a Custom Canvas Art ~ Member Artist ~ SHE ACCEPTS!

"My passion lies in utilizing bold and majestic colors and creating different textures with paper, text, or anything I can find.

It is my belief that even in the most dismal of situations, whether we realize it or not, color shapes our world and enhances our sense of being.

Subsequently, the beauty of being human and fashioned after a loving God, allows us the ability to be 'creators,' entitling us to design and produce 'somethings' from nothing.

I have always been fascinated with people and their dreams ~ or lack thereof. It amazes me, self included, that so many people fail to realize the beauty and importance of their own existence.

We are the crayons, the paint... that color this world and we have the power to create the ultimate portrait that God has envisioned.

Yet, we often fall short because we have a tendency to mimick another's color, instead of embracing our own.

"Without a vision..." speaks to the hearts of those who fail to see the importance of self and their contribution to the whole.

When painting figures, I usually mask the eyes and sculpt beautiful, full lips because our visions are born when we speak them to existence. Scripture says that 'without a vision, the people perish.'

Through these paintings, I hope to awaken a sense of hope in the lives of those who are afraid to dream or who have buried the visions that the Creator has carefully and tenderly placed inside of each and every one of us."
- Tye

View Tye's Custom Canvas Art Gallery
Visit Website: for Makeup Aristry, Wedding Packages, and Artwork.

Tye's art will be available for purchase of canvas prints soon. Check for details.


  1. the chic with the big lips is harrrrrrd :: very nice, would be interested on how much these cost... cheers

  2. I like her work and I am really digging this blog! Great artists and valuable info...right on, I'm a follower now!


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