Thursday, July 16

POETRY ::: Dawn of Man

From Speaks Beliefs Blog: Evolution of the Lost Poet

dawn of man
by Speaks Beliefs

sun rises over Kemet
absent are souls and companions
inspired is the lonely Artisan
thoughts of mortal caretaker
over all the earth and its magnificent creatures
formed of the dust of the ground
beginning as silhouette
outline in mind’s eye
clay and water mixed to obtain perfect blend
life to be fashioned with golden brown skin
molding head and torso and arm and leg
delicately designing foot and toes on which to stand
and hand and fingers with which to hold
shaping heart for love’s capacity
sending blood through body
flowing through veins like water from Nile used to create her
forming womb to incubate the creation’s creation
and beautifully curved and supple bosom to sustain it
finishing by breathing into her nostrils the breath of life
and woman became a living soul
beautiful she appears in the image of the Artisan
she is Sa.t Kemet, the black woman divine
lonely she is, like she who created her
Artisan empathizes, then reaching down she touches her
on womb
it begins to grow and swell and widen
woman grows tired
the sky is black, and she rests, not yet understanding life
or her place in it
she sleeps
with dawn comes pain and discomfort
Nile falls out from between legs rushing to ground below
remaining drops flow from thigh to knee
the creation’s creation, Sa Kemet is born, the black man
this was the dawn of man

© Speaks Beliefs, 2009. All rights reserved.

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