Tuesday, September 29

Art + Poetry: PROUD

Original Digital Art, 2008
by Martha Wade (@wadecreate)

PROUD not cocky
just sure of herself,
no boosting just embracing
beauty of self,
proud to be aware
and at peace with self.

~ poem by Mark Dews
Twitter: @TearlessPoet
Blog: Words of My Dryn Tears

PROUD... beauty that can't
be kept under wraps
with a shroud.
Curves screaming loud.
Able to halt a crowd
with the simple act
of curving her hips
and lifting her brow.
Words dipped in wisdom.
Passion the color of crimson.

~ poem by Tracy Renee Jones
Twitter: @TracyReneeJones
Blog: Me..being Anonymous

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  1. This is an amazing image and the words are the perfect compliment.


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