Wednesday, January 27

ART+POETRY ::: Malcolm, Angela, Martin Rebel

by Edaw Wade
Digital art 2007
Part of original mural painting Detroit 1971

Art Prints ::: from $38

Featured in this painting:
Martin Luther King
Malcolm X
Angela Davis

ART + POETRY ::: Poem by Speaks Beliefs
you dare define me
mold my reality
predetermine my destiny
rewrite my history
i study your theory
and see your acts
are cowardly
so I scream loudly
and do this proudly
closed fist raised above me
thirsty for freedom
you denied me
and I am worthy
oh yes, I am worthy
and those that
stand with me
fifty times fifty
times fifty times fifty
we REBEL!!!

Words © Speaks Beliefs, 2009. All rights reserved.

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  1. Love the collab with these creative pieces! Keep giving and doing your thing Wades... and see the blessings pour in! Love ~AnointedArts


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