Tuesday, August 4

Artist of the Month: JASON BARRE

August is the time when fall is fast approaching. A time when we can look forward to the vibrant colors soon to fall from the trees and fill our world.

Its the perfect time of the year to introduce my new artist friend from historic Milford, Ohio - Jason Barre (aka Jabinya) one of the most vibrant painters I have met. As you can see from this post, his energy and talent shine through in his work.

Jason refers to himself as a lot of things. Among them a “free associator” and “random generator” referring to his ability to pluck energy from the stream to project it onto canvas.

Jason creates vibrant pieces of artwork that elevate the energy level in the room!

His paintings make you smile, freak, emote, and feel inspired to create something great.

The pieces are the definition of those terms. His use of brush strokes as an element in the art catches the eye and draws you in while provoking thoughts.

The most noticeable art pieces by Jason are his portraits. They are extremely emotive and expressive.

The vivid colors Barre uses on a persons face seem to perfectly capture one emotion and freeze it in time. The deep and detailed strokes of paintings like 'AWARE' and 'HEH' give each painting a sense of jumping out at you.

Jason says "Most often I try to capture the apex of emotional expression in my portraits. When feeling too constrained by form, I explore the feelings of color."

Jabinya is one of the first true visual artists that I met on Twitter, and I am honored to know him. Follow @Jabinya for heartfelt, kind, and twitpic progression of painting tweets!

Recently I invited Jason Barre to become the newest Member Artist of Custom Canvas Art. He accepted! Check back for info on how to buy Canvas Prints from this talented artist on our website.

Visit website: Jabinya Studios - www.jabinya.com
Twitter: @Jabinya
Blog: Jabinya Blog


  1. Oh i really like Jasons Art,wow the impressionism is amazing,i love it.x


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