Monday, August 17

I Create: Music (Marcos Palacios)

I Create Music featuring Marcos 'Kosine' Palacios: Producer and Professor extraordinaire!

Marcos 'Kosine' Palacios is the kind of man that you would be proud to have in your life. He has been through struggles in his life, and come out much stronger because of them. Known to his Columbia College students as Mr. Kosine on Da Beat - his energy and light shines through in his enthusiasm about life, and in his music.

This is the very first video that I produced at Frequency Television, Columbia College Chicago. I shot, produced, and edited this entire piece, and fell in love with Kosine in the process. The positive energy and advice he gives to his students and fans is empowering and inspiring!

You can watch Kosine on Da Beat and his team of producers on THE INTERNZ Television show. Check out Da Blog.

"WRITE YA LIFE!" ~ Marcos 'Kosine' Palacios

Want more Kosine?
Website: MySpace Da Internz
Blog: Da Blog
Twitter: KosineOnDaBeat

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