Monday, February 1

POETRY ::: I Wanna Thanks the People

Poem by @butterflyylostI wanna thank the people
Whose blood, tears, prayers and hard work got me here today.
When you only had a penny that needed to make a dime.

I wanna thank the people
Who marched, ran, hid, lied and yes died.
All so I could bear witness today.

God has had hand all up and through history.
Well at least MY history, and if he took his hand away where would I be?
Where would you be?

Still I wanna thank the people who kept us in line
Admonishing us all the while.
I frowned then but find myself thankful for it now.

I just wanna reach out and shake your hands and say thank you.
For loving. Hugging. Screaming. Caring.
I just wanna thank the people.

©Alysia Hargrove. All rights reserved 2010.


Keep it positive people!