Wednesday, June 23

HISTORY ::: The Jungle by Wilfredo Lam

Gouache on paper mounted on canvas, 94" x 90"
Museum of Modern Art - New York, Inter-American Fund
© 2009 Artists Rights Society, New York /ADAGP, Paris

Wilfredo Lam is one of my favorite artists of all time. This Cuban-born French painter was born in 1902 when there were still new techniques of art to be discovered. Lam sought to portray his strong Afro-Cuban culture.

He has inspired some of the most renowned artists of the twentieth century, including Pablo Picasso. Lam combined his African and Cuban influences to create a unique style using hybrid figures. Amidst a forest of sugarcane and bamboo, Wilfredo Lam has painted beautifully masked figures in vibrant colors.

I love Lam's use of form and color to create such vibrant, unique works of art. MoMA, the Museum of Modern Art has more information about this beautiful, eclectic and historic painting.