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GALLERY ::: Gallery Guichard Chicago

Chicago south side Gallery Guichard has everything that an art lover or collector could want. Housed in the historic Bronzeville neighborhood is this building that illuminates the block of 35th and Martin Luther King Dr. Artist and founder, Andre Guichard helps to fuel this structure’s aura and has been running the gallery along with his wife since it started in 2005. Guichard features his work as well as 35 other artists of the African Diaspora.

I visited the gallery in March 2010 and was drawn to this particular acrylic on canvas painting Ancient Nature by artist Nathan Jalani Taylor.

Artwork includes sculpture and paintings that range from $200 to $20,000 dollars, so there is something creative for everyone. Gallery Guichard has many events, special offers, and hundreds of featured works of art at various times in the gallery and on the gallery website.

I was recently honored to have my work featured at Gallery Guichard as part of the Bombay Saphire Artisan Series.

Me in front of "Hope Sun Rising" painting.

Simone's Song

The mission of Gallery Guichard is to continue to expose the Chicago art community to the art of the African Diaspora. The gallery provides a portal to fine art and artists of different parts of the African Diaspora. Below are some other featured paintings in the current exhibit that caught my eye.

Alabama Sorrows by Brad Anthony Bernard - Mixed Media $8,000

Beautiful Sonnet for the World by Darryl Harris - Oil on Canvas $6,000

Emotional by Sabrina Brooks - 39x47" Acrylic on Canvas $850

Fertility #4 by Jeanette Wright-Claus - 30x30" Acrylic on Canvas $800

Street Prophets by Raymond Thomas - Mixed Media on Canvas board SOLD

Starting New by Pearlie Taylor - Acrylic on Canvas $2,000

Happy Family by Robert Kaliyongo Chimungwa - 25x6" Verdite Sculpture $2,000

Harvest Dance by Nathan Jalani Taylor - Acrylic on Canvas $3,500

Caribbean Morning by Andre Guichard - 33x59" Mixed Media on Canvas SOLD
Gallery Guichard
3521 S. Martin Luther King Dr.
Chicago, IL 60653.
(773) 373-8000 | Fax (773) 373-8060
For commissioned artwork contact the gallery at 773-373- 8000.


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