Monday, November 15

ART + POETRY ::: Brainwash

by Edaw Wade

Part of original mural painting in Detroit, 1976.

by Stephanie Danforth

My journey is filled with decisions I must make
Chances I must take
And For my mothers sake
I often revisit my childhood
One filled with religion and full of hope
She tried every tactic in the good book
But prayer is no match for the streets,
At least it wasn't for me
I tried to do right, I meant to be there
To make up for my own father not being there
But life isn't fair, As if they actually care
I was sought out by the man,
It's like they dragged me by my hair
Come with me and be my slave
A slave to the environment that we put you in
An environment that you can't escape
And when we're done with you,
We'll brainwash another
So is there really hope for the next young brother?

Words (c) Stephanie Danforth, All rights reserved 2009


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