Tuesday, December 13

NEW PAINTINGS ::: by Daniel Akortia

These original acrylic on canvas paintings by Nshira ::: Daniel Akortia from Ghana, Africa are for sale.  To purchase an original work of art email akortiartgh@yahoo.com for details or leave a comment here!

Walk With Me
20x30" acrylic on canvas
Unframed $300

Inner Peace
20x30" Acrylic on Canvas
Unframed $350

Souls Embrace in Love 
30x40" Acrylic on Canvas Unframed $500  

Woman, Water and Peace
30x30" Acrylic on Canvas
Unframed $350


Into the Battle
30x60" Acrylic on Canvas, Unframed $500

Zebras Stand Together
24x30" Acrylic on Canvas, Unframed $300 

Eye of the Tiger
40x23 Acrylic on Canvas
Unframed $450

Hunting and Grazing
23x40" Acrylic on Canvas
Unframed $300

Singing for My Soul
23x40" Acrylic on Canvas
Unframed $350

Sister Secrets
23x40" Acrylic on Canvas Unframed $350

Playing From My Heart
23x40" acrylic on canvas, Unframed $350 

Mother Helper
23x40" Acrylic on Canvas

I Am Strong
23x40" Acrylic on Canvas unframed $400

Rock This Place
30x30" Acrylic on Canvas
Framed, $400

Sleep My Village
23x40" Acrylic on Canvas Unframed $550

Sounds For Truth
23x40" Acrylic on Canvas
Unframed $550

Through the Fire
23x40" Acrylic on Canvas
Unframed $450

NOTE:  Each of the paintings above in an original acrylic on canvas works of art by Nshira.  The buyer will also pay international shipping.  Please contact the artist at akortiartgh@yahoo.com to inquire.

About the Artist:  Nshira
Daniel Akortia signs his paintings as Nshira, which means blessing.

He is a native Ghanaian and was born in 1979.  After finishing secondary school in 1998, Daniel attended Art College for three years, pursuing drawing, painting, textile design and graphic design.

In his own words "I live in a world of my own, and therefore refuse to be drawn from real life. I concentrate on drawing my personal visions."

Many of Nshira's paintings can be found in private homes and collections, art galleries in Ghana.  He also exhibits his work at national and international art fairs.

Daniel says "My aim is to depict the history and culture of Africa as it really is, in the true colors of nature.  After completing college, I have spent all my time painting.  I mainly use bright colors, and my paintings are often like decorative patterns of abstract expression."

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