Thursday, August 16

MURALS ::: Rogers Park Winning Artists

Twenty artistic murals have been selected to brighten Chicago's Rogers Park neighborhood and underpasses.  

Here are the finalist entries.

Andy Bellomo and Jennifer Kernica, "Mayfly Mayhem"

Ben Bauman, "Safari Junk"


Aaron Wooten, "Chicago 1955

Benjamin Janik, "The Public Space Project"

Brenda Barnum, "Northern Exposure"

Logan Bay, "Move on Up"

Miguel A. Del Real, "Seeing Harmony in Everyday Life"

Mitch Egly and Ben Giska, Untitled

Rodrigo (Solo) Mireles, "Trois Dames D'or"

 Jeremy Pettis, "A Piece of Mind"

 Keith Pollok, "Empty Hive"

 Justus Roe, "Seiche"

Katherine Ross and Karen Zissis, "Seasons of Time"

 Tony (Passero) Sparrow, "Monster Zoo"

 Thor, "Busy Town"

Shane Treacy, "Rogers Park Shuffle"

Gwendolyn Zabicki and Ken Smith, "Greetings from Rogers Park"

Molly Zakrajsek, "Flowers in Motion"

Jeff Zimmermann, "The Long View"

Mathew Hoffman, "You Are Beautiful"