Friday, February 27

Canvas vs. Digital

The Debate
I often wonder about the creation of art and how an artist chooses his or her medium. Most of my life was spent painting on canvas with acrylics, or on paper using watercolors.

I was introduced to computer painting by my dad when he purchased a Wacom drawing tablet for each of us in 2007. I now love to paint on canvas with acrylic or oil, AND I also paint on my computer with the tablet, pen. I use photographs and painting techniques in the Corel Painter software.

There are benefits and drawbacks to creating on any medium in art.

Digital Art
- no mess
- undo and redo paint dabs
- create multiple versions
- high initial investment in drawing tablet
- no additional materials
- instant prints
- water resistant canvas spray
- lower cost to buyers
- incorporate paintings, photographs in one
- maintain copy on computer
- easy to post artwork online

Painting on Canvas
- original hand drawn feel
- high canvas and paint costs
- messy as hell
- real paint can fade, smear with water and time
- good textures and feel
- difficult to create prints, and scan
- high demand for original artwork
- charge higher price for original canvases
- once canvas is sold, its gone
- feels more real, more artistic, creative
- hard to find gallery to show work

I think the choice is different for each artist. I am still figuring out which medium I prefer, and will always be exploring this in my work. I go back and forth between creating originals on canvas and creating new work digitally on the computer to see which method I really prefer!

I believe that original paintings done by hand and paint are going to be worth more on the art market. On the other hand, my goal is to paint by hand, then scan that image in to the computer, add digital brush strokes and create a new canvas print.

Canvas vs. Digital. What do you think is a better way to paint? Please comment!

Wednesday, February 18

PRAYER in color

Posting color variations of PRAYER by Edaw Wade for client Deidra A. so that she can decide which one to purchase from Custom Canvas Art Gallery.

The Original PRAYER is first:

Choose the one you want.

Marty Wade created each of these variations in Photoshop from the original image by painting over them.

(UPDATE: the client chose to purchase the original painting anyway lol)


by Marty Wade
20x26in. digital art
canvas prints

Tuesday, February 17

Morroco Client Work 2

Part II of inspirations from Morocco for a new client painting.

Monday, February 16

Morocco Client Work

Finding inspirational photos from Morocco for a new client painting for Terryn Murphy. She is looking for vibrant colors with speckles of fuchsia, with a Moroccan inspired theme.

These are the photos gathered so far as inspiration for a new Moroccan inspired painting a new client. I love to browse Flickr for a huge variety of user created photos, paintings, and content. If you have any great photographs of Morocco or that area and its people, please email