Friday, February 19

DIGITAL ART ::: Proud in Blue by M. Wade

22x20" digital art
Digital art variation of the original PROUD (in pink)

This is a woman who is proud of her body.

MUSIC ::: Soldier of Love by Sade

by Sade

This beautiful woman with the soulful voice has made a big comeback in with her 2010 album, Soldier of Love.  Her song "Soldier of Love" speaks to the journey we must face in the battle for the heart.  I listen to this song over and over and over again. The music brings me into her world, and I am inspired.

I'm a soldier of love
Every day and night
I'm a soldier of love
All the days of my life
I've been torn up inside
I've been left behind
So I rise
I've the will to survive
Doing my best
To stay alive
I am a soldier!

Friday, February 12


16x20" acrylic on canvas, 2001
by Martha A. Wade
Canvas Print ::: $60
contact the artist at to purchase a print

ABOUT THE ARTWORK ::: This painting is based on a photograph I took of my son trying to read on the couch when he was only one year old. I thought it was the cutest thing, ever. He was always a smart little boy, putting himself to sleep at a young age, and rarely crying as a baby. I loved the way he looked at the book, as if he could really read the page, his little lips moving as he scanned the pictures. I was so moved by this image that I wanted to create a painting from it. It has become a favorite painting of mine.


Poem by Magnus Holmgren

The snow falls down,
each flake dancing closely with its neighbor,
creating a veil,
a curtain,
that my eyes can't see through -
like the veil before your heart,
tightly covering it,
an iron curtain,
impossible to see through,
to get in.

I knock,
hug it,
kiss it,
but all I get,
is a metallic taste on my lips,
one I can't shake,
one I don't want to shake,
because -
at least it's you,
I get to taste -

If only you could see,
my own veil drop,
so long ago -
that the doors to my heart,
have been open for so long,
they no longer exist -
it's wide open.

in that big green field,
beneath that giant oak,
sits only you,
wearing that smile you wore when we first met.

That is what I see,
when my thoughts wander off,
to meet you.

Now the snowflakes are dancing further apart,
the veil is lifting,
I can see clearer now,
beyond the horizon of my mind I see you -
drifting further away -
until you are gone.

Confused my thoughts scream,
a deafening echo in my mind,
desperately I look into my heart,
the green field is gone -
it's all black -
all that's left of the oak -
is a pile of coal.

When my mind is once again silent,
I run my fingers through the coal,
slowly put them against my lips -
and I taste -

©Magnus Holmgren 2010. All rights reserved.
Twitter: @poetisk
Blog: I Write

Tuesday, February 9


a poem by Omobolaji Omidele
dedicated to the fall of tkon

i have become
everything you've asked of me

my hair is coiled
into beautiful roots
i wear bright colors
long skirts
the copper bangles you like

feed the babies vegetables and fruits
i grow with my own hands
and watch us all glow

but you complain
if i cry
deny my reason
if i reveal my heart

i know the stories of our african kings just as you do
i overlook your dismissal of the queens
but whisper their stories to our daughter

no one cries for my deferred dreams
not even me
maybe i need to release those backed up tears
when i hear a beautiful poem
or song
or when you hold me
if you hold me

i cannot help who i am
is there a reason your heart
must remain locked away?

i love your mind
but i also know you have a soul
i glimpsed it when our daughter was born
when our son took his first steps

i'd like to get to know it
but it never emerges for me
because of the struggle
because the people's pain trumps our own

because i can take it
because you're over it

i have become
everything you've asked of me

but you never asked me
to be

©Omobolaji Omidele 2010 all rights reserved.
Blog: Seat of Bliss

Monday, February 8

HISTORY ::: Rosa Sat, Martin Walked, Obama Ran

Mural painting by Mr. Brainwash

Overnight, french documentary filmmaker turned street artist Mr. Brainwash took his wall and redid it for inauguration day. This mural is painted outside of his L.A. studio. Not many artists can claim to have their own billboard sized wall to paint what they want month after month on the outside of their studio. This is also on one of the busiest streets in the United States.

"Rosa Parks sat so that Martin Luther King Jr. could walk.
Martin Luther King Jr. walked, so that Barack Obama could run.
Barack Obama ran, so we could fly."

What will you contribute to our history?

Sunday, February 7

VIDEO ::: Dove for Men

This was my favorite commercial from Super Bowl 2010. It is appealing to the man who is actually happy with exactly who he is.

Thursday, February 4

VIDEO ::: Black History Month

February is Black History Month! Though I believe in celebrating our history, from all races at any time of the year, Black History has become an integral part of American history. The contributions of our ancestors helped to build this country, served as a consistent moral voice, and pushed this country to be far better.

PBS is offering several videos, talks, and transcripts on black history, from John F.Kennedy's 1963 civil rights speech to the election of the first black President Obama today.

“It is as old as the Scriptures and is as clear as the American constitution. The heart of the question is…whether we are going to treat our fellow Americans as we want to be treated. If an American, because his skin is dark... cannot enjoy the full and free life which all of us want, then who among us would be content to have the color of his skin changed and stand in his place? Who among us would then be content with the counsels of patience and delay?” John F. Kennedy - June 11, 1963 Civil Rights Address

Monday, February 1

POETRY ::: I Wanna Thanks the People

Poem by @butterflyylostI wanna thank the people
Whose blood, tears, prayers and hard work got me here today.
When you only had a penny that needed to make a dime.

I wanna thank the people
Who marched, ran, hid, lied and yes died.
All so I could bear witness today.

God has had hand all up and through history.
Well at least MY history, and if he took his hand away where would I be?
Where would you be?

Still I wanna thank the people who kept us in line
Admonishing us all the while.
I frowned then but find myself thankful for it now.

I just wanna reach out and shake your hands and say thank you.
For loving. Hugging. Screaming. Caring.
I just wanna thank the people.

©Alysia Hargrove. All rights reserved 2010.