Tuesday, September 29

Art + Poetry: PROUD

Original Digital Art, 2008
by Martha Wade (@wadecreate)

PROUD not cocky
just sure of herself,
no boosting just embracing
beauty of self,
proud to be aware
and at peace with self.

~ poem by Mark Dews
Twitter: @TearlessPoet
Blog: Words of My Dryn Tears

PROUD... beauty that can't
be kept under wraps
with a shroud.
Curves screaming loud.
Able to halt a crowd
with the simple act
of curving her hips
and lifting her brow.
Words dipped in wisdom.
Passion the color of crimson.

~ poem by Tracy Renee Jones
Twitter: @TracyReneeJones
Blog: Me..being Anonymous

Tuesday, September 15

KENNEDY AND KING: from mural to canvas

We dare not forget that we are the heirs of that first revolution.
~ John F. Kennedy
We must combine the toughness of the serpent and the softness of the dove, a tough mind and a tender heart.
~ Martin Luther King, Jr.

Photo of the artist Edaw Wade in front of his Kennedy & King mural painted in 1980. Edaw was a Fine Art and Mural Painting teacher for the City Colleges of Chicago for over 30 years. He was often commissioned to paint murals inside the halls of Malcolm X and Kennedy King College.

Custom Canvas Art member artist Edaw Wade works to bring his original mural and oil paintings to vibrant life on canvas. He scans the original painting, or uses a quality photograph to produce a canvas print that is often more vibrant and larger than the original! Find out more about C.C.ART Services on the website. View more of Edaw's mural paintings that can be seen on the streets and in the City Colleges of Chicago.

by Edaw Wade
Digital Art, 2007
This artwork is part of original mural at Kennedy King College Chicago, commissioned and painted in 1980.

It began with a commissioned mural of our nations leaders Martin Luther King, Jr. and President Kennedy in 1980. The legacy lives on with digital art enhancements and Custom Canvas Art Gallery. Purchase a high quality canvas print in various sizes of this work.

Wednesday, September 9

Art + Poetry ::: SOUL FOREST

SOUL FOREST (click image to enlarge)
by Martha Wade
Original 35x50" Acrylic on Board ::: private collection
Fine Art Prints ::: from $38

POETRY by Stephanie Danforth
Standing tall
We’re intertwined
Our souls collide
Then we divide
We’re faced with obstacles
From multiple directions
Then we return
To deal with life's pressures
The fort we build is an unbreakable bond
Try to burn one you may burn us all
Despite our differences,
Our colors still glow
Like a rainbow
Or more like a forest full of soul

Twitter: @StephDanforth
Website: Venus Diva Magazine

Thursday, September 3

Art + Poetry ::: FUNERAL DAY

by Daniel 'Nshira' Akortia
20x30" Acrylic on Canvas

FUNERAL DAY is a modern rendition of “Funeral Procession” by artist ELLIS WILSON painted circa 1950. This famous painting was featured on The Cosby Show living room for years.

Everyday, I see this woman
She looks like you & me
I just can’t figure out where I know her from
Or, If we’ve ever even met
What I do always remember of her is her sadness
Almost cold, not harshly towards others, but for herself.
It seems as if she’s only around for me to see
‘cause no one else seems to notice her pain, but me
One look, and see her suffrage is clearly visible
I’m afraid to ask her if she’s okay
For fear, I will not know what to do if she says:

“No, I’m not okay!”

Twitter: @PhatGyrl
Blog: Phat Gyrl Blogspot

Tuesday, September 1

Art + Poetry ::: CONTENTMENT

by Edaw Wade
Original Oil on Canvas, 1972
Digital Art enhanced, 2008

Poem by Magnus Holmgren
ebony skin,
shining with desire,
just like glowing embers,
longing to be fueled again
so that the flames can rise higher,
until she finally explodes, from
the heat, of that sweet satisfying fire.

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Twitter: @poetisk