Edaw Wade is an oil and mural painter from Chicago. His work has graced the walls of the city to depict our figures in history. Edaw is also an artist who adapts in a digital era. Edaw recently added digital art to his repertoire at the age of 60, and discovered painting on a computer is exhilarating without mess. Together with his daughter Marty Wade ::: they formed Custom Canvas Art Gallery.
Contact the artist ::: eugene.wade@gmail.com

Martha Wade is an artist and graphic designer from Chicago with great creative energy and style. She experiments with every medium of artistic expression ::: acrylic, oil, digital, photography. Her drawing tablet takes artwork to another level by drawing something, scan it in and then paint with the computer.

Tye Johnson is a mixed media artist and mentor to young girls. Tye has always been fascinated with people and their dreams, or lack thereof. She paints for those who people fail to realize the beauty and importance of their own existence ::: the crayons and paint that color this world.

Jason Barre is a painter who creates vibrant pieces of artwork that elevate energy levels in the room! He is a “free associator” and “random generator” with an ability to pluck energy from the stream to project onto canvas.
Artist Feature ::: Jabinya Artist of the Month
Artist Website ::: http://www.jabinya.com/

Zian Silverwolf of Zeddess is fantasy artist with a keen love of the alien, otherworldly and surreal. Her art is intricate and extraordinary, portraying powerful woman and far away places. Her art often has a poem to accompany them.
Blog ::: Zeddess Arts