Saturday, January 11

ARTIST ::: David Anthony Geary

Last year I fell in love with this work "Young Blood" even before I met artist David Anthony Geary.  We were both showing at a gallery in Chicago and I asked the owner "Who painted this piece? Its so good!"  David told me I had an interesting face and that he wanted to paint me, and I thought it was a line.  Then I realized he was serious, and that I was meeting a true visual artist.  A voyeur, who can look into the soul of people and capture their essence in his unique works of art.  We would soon become fast friends, sharing art tricks of the trade and helping to inspire each other when the art world felt unbearable.  I am honored to have two of his original pieces in my collection.  

Here are some of my David Anthony favorites.

David Anthony is an artist working in a variety of mediums. His visual training took place in New Orleans, LA at Xavier University. After finishing his studies, he remained in this uniquely attractive city to absorb as much of its great culture and heritage as he could. Communicating his perspective of the world around him through a visual language, he became fluent in many dialects of visual art.  

Building a career as an artist, an educator, as well as a family in New Orleans, has greatly influenced his work both visually and conceptually. The community of Evanston and the greater Chicago-land area, which he now calls home, serves as a great source of inspiration to add to his palette. His work incorporates painting, printmaking, collage, assemblage, sculpture or photography.

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