Tuesday, October 20

INSPIRATION ::: Follow Your Dreams

Dreams never die, they just get stashed away in the basement or packed up in storage. Remember, the ability for those dreams to be fulfilled is ALWAYS there. They are stored in your unconscious, or your 'inner child' which is always more powerful than your conscious. Awaken your heart's desire to dream and succeed.

Being yourself is simply a matter of first discovering what your best attributes are, and then allowing those characteristics to surface rather than hiding them in some silly attempt to be humble. This is how you will succeed in your future.

A Place to Live (The Dream House)
by Daniel 'Nshira' Akortia


  1. Wayne Dyer often says there is no scarcity of opportunity to fulfill your dreams - only a scarcity of resolve to make it happen!

  2. I agree Eric, and I am still trying to make my dreams come true and not give up! Thanks for commenting! =)


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