Friday, January 15

Art + Poetry ::: WOMAN POWER

Woman Power
by Martha Wade (@wadecreate)
60x60" Acrylic on Stretched Canvas, 2001


Poem written by Niya Holland

Sometimes, we do all we can.
Sometimes, it isn't enough.
Sometimes, we fall short.
And sometimes, we want to give up.
But a woman's power is never-ending,
Ubiquitous and unwavering.
Witnessing a woman's power can give us all the strength
To brave the course
And wade through a sea of blue
To reach the flower at the end.


by Teresa Brouwer

Women are powerhouses. We can tackle just about anything. We work full-time while being pregnant and we still come home after an eight to ten hour work day and have dinner on the table, kids bathed and in bed by 7pm.

Women are creators. Without women, the human race wouldn’t exist.

Women are your best friends.
The strongest bond in this world is between two women who are the best of friends. Women will always be there for one another no matter what. We are caring, sensitive, and always available for our friends.

Women are honest. Women are honest with themselves and you can count on women to be honest with you about anything.

Women are self-sacrificing. They always put their needs second especially for their children, spouse, and family members. A mother will put aside a pair of shoes she has been dying to have so that way her child could have what h/she wants. A woman will put aside her career to start a family.

Women are smart. Women learn all trades of life from working, playing sports, cooking, cleaning, giving birth, raising children, to holding down a full-time job while taking care of a family.

Women are fighters. A woman’s experiences in life may bring her down, but then will bring her right back up again. She knows how to move forward and she knows how to fight for her life and her rights.

Women are strong, beautiful, and bold.

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