Friday, February 12


Poem by Magnus Holmgren

The snow falls down,
each flake dancing closely with its neighbor,
creating a veil,
a curtain,
that my eyes can't see through -
like the veil before your heart,
tightly covering it,
an iron curtain,
impossible to see through,
to get in.

I knock,
hug it,
kiss it,
but all I get,
is a metallic taste on my lips,
one I can't shake,
one I don't want to shake,
because -
at least it's you,
I get to taste -

If only you could see,
my own veil drop,
so long ago -
that the doors to my heart,
have been open for so long,
they no longer exist -
it's wide open.

in that big green field,
beneath that giant oak,
sits only you,
wearing that smile you wore when we first met.

That is what I see,
when my thoughts wander off,
to meet you.

Now the snowflakes are dancing further apart,
the veil is lifting,
I can see clearer now,
beyond the horizon of my mind I see you -
drifting further away -
until you are gone.

Confused my thoughts scream,
a deafening echo in my mind,
desperately I look into my heart,
the green field is gone -
it's all black -
all that's left of the oak -
is a pile of coal.

When my mind is once again silent,
I run my fingers through the coal,
slowly put them against my lips -
and I taste -

©Magnus Holmgren 2010. All rights reserved.
Twitter: @poetisk
Blog: I Write


  1. this would make a great painting, something with a man tasting the love drops from a woman over him ~ putting things in motion. you are an inspiration!

  2. That would be so cool to see :)
    Thanks for your words and for honoring me by posting my poem on your site.

  3. great poem Magnus and I can't wait to see your painting Ms Wade...

  4. Thank you Courtney! The painting's gonna be awesome...


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