Thursday, July 30

Art that inspires me to CREATE

These photographs give me inspiration to be a better artist and create more vibrant paintings. The artist credit is below each photograph.

(Click on each image to visit the artists Flickr photo-stream or website)

ST. PETER STREET JIVE by Diane Millsap

CRASH by Nancy Hogan Armour



INDIAN DANCER - by Segis Mundo

Photo by El Silencio

Photo by Cordell Corolra

Photo by Bartek Kuzia

Paintings found by our new intern Miss Jayden English. THANK YOU JAYDEN what a great eye you have!

Special Thanks to Jackie Trudel Lane for posting the last three beautiful pictures on her MySpace page, one of the best I've seen!

Monday, July 27


by Edaw Wade
Original 20x22" Oil on Canvas 1973
Canvas Prints ::: $55+

Charlie "Bird" Parker and John Coltrane
Jazz music legends.

by Stephanie Danforth

The sounds that they make
Are the sounds that we take
So when we give props
We need to set the record straight
The noise that they shared
Came from Rhythms & Blues
From a place so deep
It was sure to move you
With horns that could blast
Legacies that would stand
And blow you away with the music that would last
Great musicians of our time
Came correct in their prime
And the way we repay them
Is with these simple nursery rhymes?

Thursday, July 23

Elite Tweeters: Top 25 Twitter users in Chicago

Elite Tweeters: Top 25 users in Chicago

Chicago is the third most popular Twitter location in the world, according to a recent study. Only Los Angeles and London are tweeting more at the moment.

But who are the Top 25 Twitter users in Chicago?

If you want to rub elbows with Chicago's true Twitterati, these are the accounts you should follow.

1. @armano
Bio: Communicator, designer, thinker, doer, dad, biker, karaoke junkie, and imperfect soul. Working on social business design with Dachis Co.

2. @lizstrauss
Bio: Liz loves building brand & content strategy, irresistible offers, & fiercely loyal fans for associations, hospitality, universities, & professionals

3. @Obamanews
Bio: News from Barack Obama's White House and Campaign Offices - UNOFFICIAL TWITTER

4. @arstechnica
Bio: The Art of Technology

5. @ambercadabra
Bio: Director of Community for @Radian6. Marketing, social media, books, nerdy things, and stuff outside.

6. @suntimes
Bio: What you need to know: now. News, entertainment, sports and business news from the Chicago Sun-Times and more. And yes, it is real people here.

7. @kellyolexa
Bio: Sales and Marketing Diva, Fitness Fanatic, Starbucks Addict, Social Media Cupcake:Ford Fiesta Movement Agent!

8. @ginidietrich
Bio: CEO of Arment Dietrich. Author of Creator of BFF Beauty Bag. Vistage member. Avid cyclist. A foodie. Lover of shoes and wine.

9. @djbooth
Bio: Online Music Magazine that features new music, freestyles, reviews, interviews and much more!

10. @leahjones
Bio: Natiiv Arts & Media: Social Media Coaching for Artists, Musicians and Writers.

11. @williger
Bio: Success driven ex-DELL sales maker and new media evangelist by day. Meditating, guitar playing, wine making, crime fighting superhero at night. I like cheese!

12. @afrobella
Bio: beauty and culture blogger extraordinare, road tripper enjoying life's little adventures

13. @brentdpayne
Bio: Tribune's Bald In-house SEO Director (aka SEO Sultan)

14. @whereivebeen
Bio: Hi! I'm Katy, Where I've Been's Community Manager. Listen to me ramble on about travel tips, advice, & news. Email me anytime!

15. @lenkendall
Bio: Expert at NOTHING. Idea Catalyst. Enjoy being clever & constructively grumpy. PR+Marketing+Community. AEKDB

16. @wadecreate <<< HEY THAT'S ME!!!
Bio: Founding Artist of Custom Canvas Art Gallery. Creative. Painter. Producer for WGN TV + Web. Mom of 2. Geek. Blogger. Random Tweetaholic. In LOVE. ART AGENT.

17. @redeyechicago
Bio: This is print media 2.0. I'm Scott Kleinberg, RedEye's Social Mediaologist and Buzzmaster. Follow my personal feed at @scottkleinberg for more fun.

18. @playboy
Bio: Playboy, Hef, Playmates, Models, Girls, NSFW, Nude, Naked, Pics, Videos, Articles

19. @philipnowak
Bio: Interests: Chicago Bears, Blogging, Grilling, Reading, Skiing, Social Media, Technology & Traveling. PT Volunteer Social Media Director for @ThomasCastillo

20. @monicaobrien

Bio: Marketing Professional and ENTP with a knack for all things Gen Y. Moderator for the #SM4SMB conversation.

21. @amyderby
Bio: highly caffeinated writer, blogger, food safety geek, and law blog consultant -- I'm also @lawfirmblogger

22. @amandachapel
Bio: See or contact me directly at

23. @zagrrl
Bio: Tech / Innovation Intrapreneur. From Stainless Steel thru Sustainability to Social Media. Super Power - Quantum Sympathetic SuperConnector

24. @coloneltribune
Bio: The Colonel knows Chicago. He is also a more gentlemanly version of @ChicagoTribune

25. @bradleywill
Bio: Gnarly Entrepreneur | Coach | Social Media Strategist | Raw Food + Pitbull Lover and a Mr. try anything once. Gen-Y Leader promoting Young Entrepreneurs #NV247

Wondering how this list was created? With the help of Twitter Grader, which uses an algorithm to rank Twitter users based on followers, tweet frequency, interaction with others, and more.

You're certain to have seen at least some of these users around Twitter before. Question is: How many of them are you following?


Posted by Breaking Tweets Chicago via @BTChicago July 23, 2009

Thursday, July 16

POETRY ::: Dawn of Man

From Speaks Beliefs Blog: Evolution of the Lost Poet

dawn of man
by Speaks Beliefs

sun rises over Kemet
absent are souls and companions
inspired is the lonely Artisan
thoughts of mortal caretaker
over all the earth and its magnificent creatures
formed of the dust of the ground
beginning as silhouette
outline in mind’s eye
clay and water mixed to obtain perfect blend
life to be fashioned with golden brown skin
molding head and torso and arm and leg
delicately designing foot and toes on which to stand
and hand and fingers with which to hold
shaping heart for love’s capacity
sending blood through body
flowing through veins like water from Nile used to create her
forming womb to incubate the creation’s creation
and beautifully curved and supple bosom to sustain it
finishing by breathing into her nostrils the breath of life
and woman became a living soul
beautiful she appears in the image of the Artisan
she is Sa.t Kemet, the black woman divine
lonely she is, like she who created her
Artisan empathizes, then reaching down she touches her
on womb
it begins to grow and swell and widen
woman grows tired
the sky is black, and she rests, not yet understanding life
or her place in it
she sleeps
with dawn comes pain and discomfort
Nile falls out from between legs rushing to ground below
remaining drops flow from thigh to knee
the creation’s creation, Sa Kemet is born, the black man
this was the dawn of man

© Speaks Beliefs, 2009. All rights reserved.

Twitter ~ @SpeaksBeliefs
Blog ~ Evolution of the Lost Poet

Tuesday, July 14

Ethiopian Oromo Dancers

Yod Abyssinia - Ethiopian Oromo Dancers

Performance at Yod Abyssinia restaurant in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. Oromo Dance.

These dancers tell a story of spiritual growth and passion. The female dancers seem to transcend to another time (at 5:40s) and give thanks to the GODS for the awesome blessings.

Visit Beyoku's YouTube Channel for more authentic African and Ethiopian dance that will make you smile and always INSPIRE.

Wednesday, July 8

Art + Poetry: Blue Moons

by Martha A. Wade
Original 16x30" Acrylic on Canvas

When my eyes turn blue,
what I see is clouded,
in water, in pain, in depth.

The blue period for artists
grows like a seed.

I will cast my worries
over blue moons
and calm seas.

To be at ease.

(poem, painting by @wadecreate)


Custom Canvas Art Gallery

RedBubble Art Store

Obama Said Yes

by Daniel 'Nshira' Akortia
40" x 30" Acrylic on Canvas

Canvas Prints available soon
(click for larger image)

Sunday, July 5

Sound for the Souls

by Nshira
Original 30"x40" acrylic on canvas

Canvas prints for sale now
Email for pricing information.

Saturday, July 4


Digital Art
by Martha A. Wade

A father shows his love,
in a very special way.
May not give many hugs,
or kiss sweet as mom,
but loves you the same.

Listens and provides,
consistent in his strides.
Daddy knows best,
is always there to PROTECT.

Friday, July 3

Why I Follow

HAPPY FOLLOW FRIDAY! ♥ ♥ ♥ To all my wonderful Tweeps following my random tweets about ART, PHILOSOPHY, FUN, and LIFE: I wanted to say THANK YOU! A BIG THANK YOU to the 4,300 or so people I FOLLOW for banging out the inspirational + wonderful + interesting tweets daily!

During high school, I knew that I wanted to attend Business School, and THEN Art School so that I could one day combine the two skills into my own business. My Twitter, Facebook, and MySpace Friends have witnessed my in the process of achieving my dreams.

I launched @CustomCanvasART to share my vision and to market and test the demand for canvas art. This business of promoting + selling art has always been my dream! WWW.CUSTOMCANVASART.COM is now my final Graduate Thesis project for Columbia College Chicago. Then I'll have my Masters of Art Management!

Honestly, I can say that MUCH OF MY RECENT SUCCESS is owed to my TWEEPS! The useful #design, #art, #web, #blog links and articles have added so much value to my thesis and business plan.

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥
THANKS: @butterflyylost @_MissE_ @JaysonJPhillips @Girlosophy @465media @TEAMLUDAJUICE @Megaton @iCreate_JB @jawar @alaksir @cyphertek @Freakonomy @bkmacdaddy @DenzelBurks @stephdanforth @KimSherrell @Gavsmom1999 @JustcallmeMac SUPERWOMAN @StaciJShelton @JanSimpson @MBtheREMIX @Zaidah1 @JayDoub @utterhip and most of all my life-savers Susie @susanahG and Miss Zian @zeddessarts @DAlocksmithtips Hugs ♥ ♥ ♥ Thank you ALL for the RT love, support, informative tweets, and general good conversation! MUAH! FOLLOW FRIDAY.
♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

"FOLLOW because you are a voyeur ~ genuinely interested in helping others ~ getting all the good information ~ finding meaningful art ~ networking with the best and brightest around the world ~ and enhancing the lives of your tweeps." ~ Custom Canvas Art Gallery ~

Family One

by Edaw Wade
Digital Art 2006

Put family first,
in all that you do

With your family
you are steady,
and strong in trust too.


Fun Fish

by Martha Wade
Ink color drawing

Under the sea,
is a world of full of fun
swimming beyond
all worries and sun.
Open your eyes
stimulate the water swish
Smile and free flow
with these small fun fish.

Thursday, July 2

Xylophone Player

by Daniel 'Nshira' Akortia
30"x40" Acrylic on Canvas
Ghana, Africa 2009

Play for me a song,
lift me up to drop the beat
and emit that music heat!

Melody moves through me,
piercing souls of rhythm
and suspend notes in time.

Wednesday, July 1

Can't Take That Away

(Mariah's theme)
by Mariah Carey

When I first heard this song, it brought tears to my eyes. I felt her pain and passion for life in the words. I was reminded of all the people in my life that put me down, or said that I wasn't good enough, strong enough, pretty enough. The song brings life to your dreams, and makes me want to press on. Thank you MC.

"oh lord, they do try
hard to make me feel
that I
don't matter at all
but I refuse to fall
tell me what i believe
or lose faith in my dreams
cuz there's
a light in me
that shines brightly
they can try
but they can't take that away
from me."